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Boma Movers Ke Boma Movers Ke is a home and office moving company.

Boma Movers Ke is a full service moving company based in Nairobi, Kenya. I got the push to start the company due to luck of job opportunities to many youths in Kenya, and so I thought I could start something that can help a number of them. Starting the company wasn’t that much hard since I needed zero amount of money to start the company because the customer is the one catering for everything; Materials needed (Boxes, wrappers and tapes, which I buy using the deposit sent by the customer), the moving vehicle, the moving crew and the little I get and save. I get my customers through social media accounts, Facebook (Boma Movers Ke) and Instagram(boma_movers_ke) as well as through refferals from previous customers that we serve well. The company manages to move an average of 8 customers a month. I have five experienced crew members who I work with and we used to work together before under a moving company that collapsed, some of them being university students and graduates.

SectorsTransport and logistics
LocationNairobi, Kenya
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