Bolingo Tea Premium Teas | Democratic Republic of Congo

Bolingo Tea is a leading premium tea company founded in 2015, in Kinshasa, DRC.

Bolingo Tea seeks to produce premiumBlack, Herbal and Fruit blended teas that are sourced 100% from the Democratic Republic of Congo. We seek to deliver unique and innovative ingredients and flavors unique to DR Congo.

The DR Congo, has one of the worlds most diverse and vast ecosystems, and can provide a wide variety of plants, fruits, herbs, flowers, seeds, and barks that can be used me make delicious tea.

Born out of a desire to see more ethically sourced and new flavors sourced from Africa, Canadian founder Michael O’Leary Ph.D sought to find a country where delicious tea could be created with rich deep flavors that are new to tea drinkers.


We have secured a number of partnerships in DR Congo and outside of the country that will ensure our success.

M.K Shah – We have partnered with Congo’s large

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LocationCongo, Democratic Republic of the
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