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Bold Sustainable Environments Save. Recycle. Earn

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Our country (Lesotho) seems to be slowly drowning in a pool full of waste materials. Cans, plastics, and glass bottles can be seen everywhere around towns and their outskirts. Human behavior is affecting the environment and only the very same people should be accountable for taking care of the waste. What if we made recycling look cool by introducing recycling technology to the population? BOLD Sustainable Environments wants to help decrease the high risks of waste materials to the environment. We want to do so by introducing tech-oriented machines which will be a medium used to collect waste in exchange for vouchers to users. Imagine how this easy way of recycling would be impactful to the environment? These vouchers may be turned into cash or rather be used to buy groceries. Moreover how enjoyable would this be to people if they got paid to collect waste? So BOLD SE is hoping to secure funding in exchange for 30% of its equity to the investors, to make its wishes come true.

Sectors Environmental services, Waste management and recycling
Location Maseru, Lesotho
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