Boka Youth We are a team of eight manufacturers based in rural western Kenya.

Boka is a community based initiative of youths who work together in manufacturing animal feeds, hatch chicks, soap, charcoal briquettes, vegetable drying, ethanol, essential oil, plus once the pandemic started, we started manufacturing and distilling hand sanitizer. Kisii is an agriculturally productive region of Kenya, with rain all year round, but it is hours from the nearest city and thus apart from tea, does not export much to the other parts of Kenya. In fact, Kisii imports animal feeds and other agricultural inputs despite most of the local population being farmers. Boka Feeds is still the only local producer of animal feeds and all of our inputs are grown locally.

StageGrowth stage EST October 2016
Location Kisii, Kenya
MarketsKenya, Rwanda, Somalia, Tanzania, United Republic of, Uganda
Customer modelB2B, B2C
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