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Bohikor Your journey to financial freedom begins here

Growing in a culture were money discussions are rare and uncommon, everyone is left to figure out for his/herself the path to build wealth. In Cameroon and most countries in the CEMAC zone, most salary earners have very little to show for the money they have earned in years not because the salaries are insufficient but because they lack the foundational basics of personal finance which makes growing in wealth almost impossible. Bohikor is a Fintech startup providing the right foundational basics on personal finance by simulating a journey unto financial freedom for the common man/woman in Cameroon and the CEMAC zone. Our belief is: knowing exactly what you spend your money on gives you a sense of accountability and a platform to plan a healthy financial future thus our stage one for the journey is tracking and budgeting which is available in our user friendly app on google play.

Sectors Fintech
Location Buea, Cameroon
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