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Blue Gate Public Health Promotion Initiative, Afr Blue Gate is an NGO promoting Research and Public Health

Blue Gate Initiative is currently identifying different sustainable methods of increasing and optimizing biogas production with multiple digestions and landfill, its efficiency for cooking, electricity and as a gaseous vehicle fuel, and associated effects on human health and environment.
This experimental study will establish a biogas production plant. A three-stage digester will be constructed using 1000 pieces of a clear plastic cylindrical tank of 5000 litres each, which will be feed with multiple digestions of human excreta, food wastes and agro-wastes. The act gas technique will also be used in extracting biogas from landfill.
Cryogenic technology will be used for upgrading and biomethane liquefaction with a flow rate of 400-600 Nm3/h of raw biogas. The purified CO2 and CH4 will then be liquefied at -50.00C and -1620C respectively. Liquid CO2 will be compressed at 5.5 bars while liquefied Biomethane will be compressed at 2 bars for cooking, electricity and as a vehicle fuel

Sectors Biofuels, Sexual and reproductive health and rights, Water, sanitation and hygiene
Location Ibadan, Nigeria
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