Blinkharm Ltd We are a cocoa trading enterprise in West Africa.

Introducing Blinkharm Cocoa Trading(The business of Cocoa Trading) is a subsidiary of Blinkharm Ltd.
We are a cocoa trading enterprise in West Africa. By trading cocoa, we are able to compensate our financial partners with up to 30% returns. Blinkharm Cocoa business works like this: we trade cocoa during it season. We buy from the farmers and re-sell to exporters.
This trading happens for 7 months. This enables us accrue profits, from which we then compensate partners with 30% returns on capital.
Cocoa is essential to the livelihoods of 40 – 50 million people worldwide, including over 5 million smallholder cocoa farmers who grow this valuable crop.
With numerous cocoa farmers to source from, there is always the availability of cocoa to trade.
Chocolate consumption is growing faster than cocoa production and this has implications of creating a constant market demand.
Investors can register online and pay directly online and start earning as at when due.

Stage Growth stage EST April 2014
Sectors Agribusiness, Financial services, Fintech
Location Abuja, Nigeria
Markets Nigeria
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