Blingo Accessories Bling Up and Go!

Blingo Accessories was founded in 2019. We are in the fashion industry.The business was founded on the premise of empowering women through their jewelry. Jewelry speaks volumes be it in the streets,board rooms and even at home.There is jewelry for any occasion. Blingo Accessories took up the challenge of finding and providing affordable,unique earrings for the modern woman with sensitive skin via e-commerce platforms.I ,was a busy corporate woman who always needed the right fit from head to toe ,however for my ears i would always have a skin reaction to the earrings sold in the market.This meant i had to shop in exclusive jewelry shops and find a pair that i would wear daily as the earrings were not affordable.This issue then gave rise to the birth of Blingo Accessories where we sell affordable and high quality earrings for the modern woman with sensitive skin.

Stage Startup stage EST July 2019
Sectors Fashion
Location Nairobi, Kenya
Markets Kenya
Customer model B2C
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