Biosoft Afrika we do agribusiness, processing underutilized local resources.

Our land is the poorest in the world while there are a lot of unexploited resources and yougmen without jobs. In first time, we process roselle flower (Hibiscus sabdarifa) and ginger into delicious juice, first experience for this country. Unfortunately we are facing unforeseen obstacles. First one, we must order items such as bottles, ingredients and labels from Cameroon. Beside, due to poverty, people cannot afford our products at real price therefore difficult to work with profitability. Farmers became very enthousistic to supply roselle flower and ginger and suddenly we got overwhelmed by the offers from farmers. We purchased 2 manual fillers from the USA ( and are trying to work with them. Now the challenge is to increase our production capacity and buy a lot of raw materials. To do this, we need financial aid to buy appropriate equipment and produce more. I would work with a mentor leading me to that aim and connecting me with philanthropic funders.

Stage Unknown EST April 2017
SectorsAgribusiness, Clean technology
LocationCentral African Republic
MarketsCentral African Republic
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