bi(O)nergi fossilizing traditional domestic cooking fossil fuel

bi(O)nergi seeks to profitably integrate charcoal briquette production into larger existing timber saw-milling operations in Nigeria within a five years period. The briquette production site will be integrated within a timber sawmill operation site for sustainable and free supply of the raw material-logging residues, principally sawdust.
bi(O)nergi’s intends to provide households, catering services and food vendors in rural and urban communities of Nigeria with a cheap, clean, healthy and readily available alternative cooking energy source in the form of cooking briquettes as well as provision of income generating opportunities through the production, marketing and sales of briquettes to youths and women living in coastal communities within the timber sawmill sites.
With a strong research and development knowledge in briquette processing technologies bi(O)nergi will produce customized and tailored briquettes to meet consumer’s requirement across all market segments.

Sectors Biofuels, Biomass, Environmental services
Location Uyo, Nigeria
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