Billet Express West Africa InterUrban Bus Transportation Digital Ticketing Platform

The Inter Urban Bus Trip to West Africa is a brain teaser because you have to buy or book the transport ticket in advance to be sure to travel. So you have to physically move to the bus stations, waste time in the traffic jams, make a long queue in front of ticket office.Our Solution
No Time to go to ticket Office ?
Billet Express Mali is the digital ticket platform for bus inter urban transportation in Mali and West Africa country. Buy and manage your bus ticket online on 60 second without moving.
Billet Express is a digital ticketing solution that allows you to book a bus ticket online. The fruits of the most widespread technological advances in West Africa are being exploited: the interactions between the platform and its users are via the Internet, payments are made by mobile money, and notifications by SMS.
Today, there are 7 conquered countries, in a network of +500 destinations and 15000 active users.