BiasharaBot Do less and sell more on your social media

Biasharabot helps in handling customer queries, makes shopping and checkout process simpler, and above all takes care of your marketing content.

We help small and medium-sized companies respond to customer queries on social media so that they don’t miss out on sales opportunity. It takes the customer through the journey of sales process using messaging apps like Facebook Messenger until it confirms an order for the business to fulfill. We have also integrated to delivery platforms like Sendy to allow for easy fulfillment. We have also integrated to payments platform like M-Pesa to allow businesses to receive payments easily.

We also help SME’s create marketing posts from their products images and schedule for them to decide when to post. The system helps SME’s communicate with their customers about new product and offers they have through the broadcast feature.

Stage Unknown EST August 2017
SectorsArtificial intelligence, E-commerce, Fintech
LocationNairobi, Kenya
MarketsKenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, United Republic of, Uganda
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