Belle Wella Foods (BWF) Belle Wella Foods (BWF) deals in the productions of snacks.

Belle Wella Foods (BWF) is an enterprise that deals in the production of all kinds of snacks such as plantain chips, chin chin, potato chips, coconut chips and peanut. We distribute and sell our products to wholesalers and retailers which include all kinds of social, religious and political gatherings.
As a snack producing company, we have got varieties for our products depending on our consumers’ age range and health status. The taste of our products are unique, thanks to our unique (secret) recipes.
Basically, our products are hygienic and nutritional. Also, we look forward to consumers’ satisfaction; a reason we give room for consumers feedback so as to improve or maintain (as the case may be) our production processes so as to satisfy our consumers.

Stage Growth stage EST August 2017
Sectors Food production, Manufacturing
Location Ojo, Nigeria
Markets Nigeria
Customer model B2B2B
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