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Believe in Bambara The most sustainable plant-based protein source.

Believe in Bambara (BiB) is a supplier of the bambara bean, one of the most climate-smart plant-based proteins. Indigenous to Sub-Saharan Africa, the bambara bean thrives in arid, drought-ridden environments, and requires no chemical inputs such as fertilizer or pesticide.

BiB sources the bambara bean, a climate-smart and underutilized legume, directly from networks of smallholder women’s farming cooperatives in its native Sub-Saharan Africa. This contract farming arrangement provides the farming cooperatives with a reliable buyer for their beans, a secure source of supplemental income at a premium, and access to the global marketplace for the first time.

For manufacturers, BiB offers a sustainable alternative to the protein sources they’re currently using which are frequently being harvested as a monoculture, with GM seeds requiring heavy chemical inputs, and which have serious repercussions to the local communities such as chemical runoff, dead zones, and biodiversity loss.

Sectors Agribusiness, Food production
Location New York City, United States of America
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