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BeepTool is a community of more than half a million users who rely on our talk and text app to stay connected with loved ones, share files, send small amount of money instantly to any Nigeria bank accounts and mobile money wallets and pay for goods and services in Nigeria from any country of the world and airtime top-ups around the world in real time and conduct their businesses. We imagine a future where everyone, everywhere can connect to and share value with colleagues, friends, family and customers at the lowest possible cost. A Talk and Text with interconnected financial services platform. 

Our fast-growing platform is the lowest-cost service for calls and messaging, offering free communication between Internet users and nearly free connection with mobile and landline phones. Founded in Lagos, Nigeria, in 2014, BeepTool has spread across more than 50 countries. Hundreds of thousands of people depend on BeepTool to keep in touch. 

BeepTool apps are easy to use and available for free download for Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac from the Google Play and iTunes app stores or from the BeepTool website. 

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