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BebaBeba Taxi BebaBeba is a Kenyan built taxi app powered by taxi drivers in Kenya

BebaBeba Taxi

BebaBeba Taxi

BebaBeba is a Kenyan built taxi-hailing app that allows the passengers to enjoy faster, safer & smarter traveling in Kenya.

The company is powered by an association of Kenya taxi drivers and taxi owners called (Drivers & Partners Association of Kenya-DPAK)

At the heart of BebaBeba is a belief that taxi industry is a decent professional industry, capable of providing its customers with the highest level of service while affording its drivers & partners a decent return.

Through working with (DPAK), the company is rolling out rent to own vehicle program for its drivers. Currently, 70 % of Kenyan taxi drivers don’t own cars. They lease at a cost of 20 US dollars per day which is high considering that they fuel & maintain them, pay taxi app commissions besides making something for their families. This, therefore, means that the majority are struggling to make a living.
Partnering with Investors, we aim at buying vehicles for our drivers. Our ROI is 16% p.a &

Sectors ICT, Public transport
Location Nairobi, Kenya
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