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Be Cycle We seek to promote intermobility for the environment and health

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The aim of Be Cycle is to encourage the connection of different types of transport (intermobility), as an alternative to the prioritization of the car, putting as a central people and their mobility needs.

Be Cycle is designed as a facilitator of alternatives so that the option of not using the car no longer sounds so impossible. Our proposal is to be the link between those people who have a bicycle and do not use it with those who seek to move by bike but do not have one, something like a bicycle Airbnb

We know that the design of the spaces within the roads are not the best for walkers and cyclists, however, if we manage to offer and demand cycling mobility, leaving isolation aside, one can start to change the road culture of the cities, where the cyclist does not have to worry about the amount of cars that there is circulating next to it, but the driver has to respect the several cyclists that go next to him, as stipulated by the traffic preference.

Sectors Connectivity, Diversified services, Green transportation and electric motors
Location Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza, Mexico
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