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The idea of banana flour hit me over the Xmas holidays while I was at my Eastern Highlands roots. People grow bananas big time there but they don’t get their effort’s worth. They rot in the fields and farmers get peanuts when they somehow get to market. Many people take some of their produce to urban markets like Mbare, where they spend days – often sleeping in the open for that matter.

I found that up to half of the banana weight is the peel and moisture. Now, why not break bulk and process the produce at source. I went on to do some online research there and then and came up with the attached document. I contacted equipment manufacturers and got quotes for various types.

I want to take it a step at a time. Start with the milling….drying the bananas in the sun. So that further processes, i.e machine-drying and peeling can be financed through the initial phases of the project. I have a vision to helping rural communities and improving public nutrition in general.

Stage Idea/Concept stage EST January 2017
Sectors Agribusiness, Diversified services
Location Harare, Zimbabwe
Markets Zimbabwe
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