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Bakeli by volkeno Offering young africans training, internship opportunities in tech

In Senegal, we have 200 000 students who are entering the job market every year. 90% of them will not find opportunities that fit their profiles and 70% of those students have never done an internship. We also have 12000 registered companies in Senegal. Lots of those companies are transforming themselves into digital companies. And currently they have a hard time recruiting talented IT skilled people with cost accessibility. That’s why we started Bakeli. Bakeli offers young africans training followed up with internships in ICT with companies in Senegal. This is done through a training program of 3 months. Depending on the track, students may learn programming, design, digital marketing or business skills. After the training, we find internships for the best 25%.
We have trained over 300 people the last 3 years. And we are about to train 900 more this next 3 months.
Our vision is to franchise this model throughout all of our africa and make vocational training accessible anywhere.

SectorsEducation, HR and recruitment, Information technology
LocationDakar, Senegal
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