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Bag It Clean Bag It Clean are cheap, eco-friendly and resuable bags from bamboo

75% of the total population in Uganda use High Density Polyethene bags for carrying merchandise and in some area’s cover food while cooking. This has greatly affected our health, environment, killed livestock and polluted water and drainage systems because of improper disposal and its non-biodegradable nature. The Government of Uganda has put a ban on use of polyethene bags and there is high demand for alternatives like Bag It Clean bags. This project will not only offer shopping bags alternative but also offer employment opportunities to the people that will work in the factories and the local farmers that will grow the bamboo. Bamboo is an ever green plant, it is very good for climate mitigation and its versatility of fast growth without artificial fertilizers makes it sustainable and available resource. it has the ability to absorbs greenhouse gases because of its nature to absorb carbon dioxide and release 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere hence preserving the environment.

Sectors Packaging
Location Central, Uganda
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