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Badge Helping businesses understand their customers better

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Marketing is the most challenging part of any small business in Africa after finding capital.

We are helping businesses in Africa understand their customers better so that they can market better.

We connect businesses to potential customers through a unique social platform where users get paid for allowing adverts next to their posts.

Our precise, affordable and efficient advertising requires a simple three-step process;
Step 1: Businesses publish poll questions next to our users’ posts and ask the users’ audience what they like then get their response.
Step 2: We group the audience based on the responses they gave
Step 3: The business sends out tailor-made adverts based on each group response to users’ audience within the platform.

The owner of the post where the advert or poll question appears earns Ksh 100 for every 1000 people that see it while each poll question answered earns the respondent Ksh 1.00

Sectors Adtech
Location Nairobi, Kenya
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