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Backyard Kuku Ranch Aquaculture royalty.

The business aims to establish a hatchery for exotic sea creatures, beginning with a mud crabs. This will allow easy stocking of the marine farm and aid in upscaling. The venture will also increase the awareness and adoption of exotic sea creatures.
Through the hatchery, an out-grower model can be developed for more farmers to benefit. Also, classical methods of catching fish, such as using lines and nets harm the ecosystem, and are unsustainable, and are unreliable. This creates a limited supply and also leads to high prices. The venture aims to solve this by utilizing marine farming to farm cultured marine fish such as crabs and Kingfish.
Mariculture techniques ensure a constant supply as fish species can be reared year-round. The methods are also sustainable and environmentally friendly since it allows for high densities in a minimal, yet controlled environment. Marine farming will ultimately avail market efficiency in the arena of fish and other blue economy products.

Sectors Agribusiness, Animal farming, Fish farming, Food production, Import and export
Location Malindi, Kenya
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