Babymoon BV revolution in infant care

BabyMoon manufactures baby carriers of a new concept, both in design and in execution. “Kangarooing” is a science in itself, focused on the well-being of babies. The Gates Foundation has determined kangarooing as a spearhead for the coming years.
BabyMoon makes two types of carriers: the basic and the smart. The basic is a “pure baby carrier” that distinguishes itself only by design (both from the bag and from the closing mechanism). The smart has sensors of all kinds that monitor the baby.
There are currently three markets for both bags:
– consumer. A large market, but only gradually accessible.
– medical – third world (that is what Gates focuses on). A particularly large market, which handles a lot of money.
– medical – therapeutic. Treatment of early born children. Large European subsidies available; first contacts exist.

SectorsHealthcare, Medical equipment and supplies
LocationNijmegen, Netherlands
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