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Azuree World ltd Youth feeding Nations

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Azuree world’s approach to innovation is multi-faceted. We are developing a mobile app that will link farmers to consumers directly, reducing brokerage and allowing farmers to have better prices as well as increased profits. The App will allow customers to pre-order from farmers, protecting the farmers from post-harvest losses. We also harness rainwater in man-made dams and tanks, while using a solar-powered borehole to ensure uninterrupted crop production. We combine rabbit urine with recycled farm waste to get organic manure. We are in the process of establishing a self-sustaining aquaponics and hydroponic system, a man-made dam with a grow bed made from wood and clay- an ecosystem that plants will benefit the fish by filtering and purifying the wastewater which will be recycled back to the fish ponds, it will use 90% less water versus traditional farming, require lower maintenance, zero pesticides, and fertilizer thus produce sustainably grown organic produce and maximize yield

Sectors Agribusiness, Crop farming
Location Wote, Kenya
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