AZA Best money habits for African teens

Many financial solutions focus on the unbanked and underbanked as the world moves into a digital finance and cashless society, resulting in less focus on the pre-banked (teenagers), who are increasingly finding need for financial services (like receiving payments and paying for digital services) these days. While teens are expecting instant and more digital services, many existing banks have failed to innovate to meet their specific needs. Closely related to this problem is that many teens blame the lack of knowledge on money matters on their parents (More parents were willing to talk about sex and drugs than they are about money).

AZA is an all-in-one digital banking solution that caters to the financial needs of teenagers by integrating earning, spending, saving, gifting and investments in a way that allows families to work together to guide their wards towards financially-healthy money habits.

SectoresBanca, E-learning, Servicios financieros
UbicaciónLagos, Nigeria
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