Ayosoji Nigeria Enterprises Animal husbandry or in another words, Livestock rearing

The call for or to reduce importation of frozen foods by the federal government of Nigeria is a major boost for us to grow in our business.
And to encourage indigenous farmers will really helps us to strives excellently in the Nigeria market, Oyo State and Nigeria suffers from inadequate supply of animal products.

2. The existing farms can not meet the demand for the animal products.

3. The market segment is large enough to accommodate new investors.

4. Incoming investors will help in reducing the shortage and allow for increased competitions leading to higher quality at a reduce prices.

5. The expansion of the industries will leads to the creation of additional new jobs.

6. And taxes and rate will accrue to the three tiers of government.

Stage Startup stage
Sectors Agribusiness
Location Ibadan, Nigeria
Markets Nigeria - in urban areas
Customer model B2B
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