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AVR Plato Technology Ltd We make technology that works for you

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AVR Plato Technology Ltd

AVR Plato Technology Ltd

At AVR PLATO, we have the vision of a world with high end of interactivity. The products and services we offer at PLATO comprises of Mobile applications that make use of Virtual and Augmented reality.Being a start-up, we at PLATO are currently putting our effort in augmented reality development since these do not require much hardware to develop. Our current product is an educative mobile application that makes use of augmented reality for medical students. ORAMA is not only a learning tool for students but also comprise of a social community for these students in sharing what they learn with others. This new way of learning using augmented and virtual reality application is what give PLATO the competitive edge. This can even be applied to every level of education system from the elementary to the tertiary system. At PLATO we aim at bringing a technology that can be used for this education purposes and reduce the cost of operating a conventional medical college.

SectorsEducation, Educational services, ICT
LocationMoka, Mauritius
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