AutoCollect Streamline the collection of docum and information from clients.

Collecting forms and client data can be a nightmare for the person who is expected to submit the information and for the company collecting the information. AutoCollect facilitates this process and therefore makes the process better for both parties.

Advantages for the client:
• No printing out of forms
• Forms can be prepopulated, so they don’t have to continually re-type information
• Document generation and digital signatures integrated seamlessly into the process
• Clear indication of requirements and where they are in the process

Advantages for the company
• Receive complete and clean data (that has been through verification agencies)
• Clear dashboard of outstanding requests
• System can populate external forms eg banking forms
• Complete audit trail
• Accurate reporting facility

Take-on, onboard, induct with less hassle, less headaches, and happier humans!

Stage Growth stage EST November 2014
Sectors Consulting and business development, Financial services, Software as a Service
Location Cape Town, South Africa
Markets South Africa - in urban areas
Customer model B2B
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