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AUA SOLUCIONES Development and manufacture of water-saving devices

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VAL-DOM WC is a flush valve for toilets that doses excessive water consumption in the WC with an anticipated closure. Its innovative design and physical qualities offer an important reduction in the expenditure of the liquid, saving in each discharge up to 75% of water, this is 3 liters in an optimal consumption, eliminating the unnoticeable leaks definitely, by means of its exclusive system of double hermetic sealing. The savings are reflected in the receipt of water and electrical energy. * Reduction between 50-75% of water consumption in the WC. 25% more than the current products that exist in the market * Eliminates the phantom leaks, allowing a reduction between 15 and 22.5% of the water account * The sealing of the device helps that it does not accumulate waste. Since it has a double hermetic seal. * Eliminates double downloads * 5 year warranty, life of 7 to 10 years. 50% more than the products of the competition * The NOM 010-CONAGUA-2000 is counted

Sectors Environmental services, Manufacturing, Smart city solutions
Location Iztacalco, Mexico
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