Association Vision des Jeunes Solidaires du Sahel Create and operate an agropastoral farm

The agro-pastoral farm responds to a twofold food and health problem, that of the availability of cereals and cows, in sufficient quantity and permanently in the region of the extreme north of Cameroon. Cultivate cereals such as maize, sorghum and to some extent the peanuts, the derivatives of which will be used for the bovine stain. It is a question of cultivating on about 5 hectares releft as follows the speculations quoted above. Sorghum and maize on 5 hectares each and peanuts on half a hectare. The products and derivatives of this agriculture will be used for the fattening of fifty calves, which will later be sold in our markets at a frequency of three months.
Almost all of the inputs are in our markets, so it will be very easy for us to supply us. The availability of skills in both sectors is also a major asset for our project

SectorsAnimal farming
LocationMaroua, Cameroon
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