Asset Trak Ltd Weeding out Fakes

Asset Trak Limited was Incorporated in September 2010.It is now a leading solutions provider in the field of automated fixed asset register, verification, reconciliation, bar-coding and tagging for the purposes of effective management, reduction in costs associated with improper asset management, claim and restoration incase of fire, theft, water damage, estate planning.

In February 2017,the company decided to diversify their solution to include, ‘Weeding out Fakes’ a concept that introduces the use of Unique Reference Numbers(URN) thereby becoming Africa’s first mobile-based product verification service.

Our “Weeding out Fakes” is a mobile-based product verification service used at the point-of-sale of a product.
It empowers consumers to use their own mobile phone to instantly identify genuine products in the market grow the trust they have in their favorite brands and get rewarded for it, while at the same delivering the location of counterfeits.

Stage Unknown EST September 2010
SectorsManufacturing, Mobile, Specialty retail
LocationNairobi, Kenya
MarketsKenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, United Republic of, Uganda
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