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Asoko Engineers Ltd Bridging Information gap in Africa

Currently we have developed an IoT gadget called Aspawa that enables a client to charge his/her smart phone in a hotel, bus, train or waiting lounge conveniently by making a payment through mobile money using an account number labelled on one of the four numbered cables from the unit installed next to you and your phone starts charging.
With the increasing number of social media, internet and business use of the phone, not everyone caries around a charge and even when carrying you are likely to forget it somewhere besides missing a socket to plug it.
With over 800million smartphone users in Africa, 43million in Kenya, Aspawa targets only 1% of that market to spend atleast Ksh10 per day; a possible reality.
Anyone can be part of Aspawa by investing as low as Ksh19,000 to start earning comissions from every client who pays to charge.
Besides Aspawa has screens that are used for marketing. It is unique, it is simple, its affordable, its aspawa.

Sectors Electronics, ICT, Internet of things (IoT)
Location Kikuyu, Kenya
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