Ashiwaju-Ola Enterprises Some are Consumable goods, and some are Assets.

1. Cassava Processing into Fufu, Garri, Flour, White Amala, Syrup, Glucose  and Ethanol. With the new equipment.

2. Ice Block and Pure Water.

3. Selling of Lands
Building Contractor
Selling of Block an Cement
Procuring of Building Materials

4. Furniture’s
all kind of furniture’s

All this product and project are things that we all needs as a human, as a human we eat everyday and we must drink water, as a human we need a home, as a human we need furniture’s in our home’s. All this Products and Projects are needed in the market and home, and some of the products can also be package and export.

StageGrowth stage EST December 2016
SectorsCrop farming, Furniture, Manufacturing
LocationLagos, Nigeria
Customer modelB2C
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