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Artistic Minds Academy #funliveshere

We run a preschool specialising in educating children with developmental delays,learning and intellectual disabilities. We believe that we cant all be painted with the same brush ; hense why we aim to discover each childs hidden talents and grow them to develop a confident and fulfilled young person. We also work with children with developmental delays and provide services such as speech therapy . Each year we award our students in areas where they show the most amount of growth in different areas of development such as academics, social & physical skills, virtues, hobbies, etc and each child feels special when we recognise their progress. Our mission is to reach out to more children in Botswana, at the early childhood development stage, assess their development and work with them to ensure that they receive all necessary support or therapy at an early stage. We also would like to establish more centres in other parts of the country to provide centres where children can be assesse

SectorsEducational services, Healthcare providers and services
LocationGaborone, Botswana
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