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The value proposition of our business is the value addition of locally sourced raw materials so as to extract more value from these products in their value added form.
In an effort to find a locally available corn starch alternative to the imported starch, as a university project for the founder Kudzai Makaza during her fourth her embarked on utilising green bananas which constitute 75-80% of starch which can be used as a thickener and stabiliser in the food industry in Zimbabwe and other countris in which bananas are vastly available. The country, Zimbabwe imports 1 251 383.00kg of corn starch utilised in the food industry to make soups, gravies, stabilising and in meat products every year.
Green banana flour has the same and in some instances better functional properties in coparison to the imported corn starch potentialty saving the country lots of foreign currency that is used in the importation of corn-starch for the food and beverage sector by using green banana flour instead

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