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Art & Pinceles – Art by Kimy Lemus Make a statement

Self-taught experimental art, Honduran painter who gives life to each of the pieces of art full of colors and unique details, with variety of painting techniques, engraving and modeling on different types of surfaces as there are no limits to create in art. I create art and I count on 18 types of art products collections made 100% by hand with designs inspired by different scenarios and themes with a unique seal.

I experiment with art and I create a way to solve a problem through art, in which people can transform, and turn my pieces into a voice of hope and joy. I count on a dynamic work process that points to innovation and passion for art. My entrepreneurship involves the imagination and the ability to originate original and novel ideas and artistic products.

Kimberly Lemus Co-Founder & Artist Plastic Art & Pinceles

Sectors Arts, Fashion, Graphic design
Location San Pedro Sula, Honduras
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