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Aries usherettes events Aries usherettes events, designs, plans and manages weddings/events

Aries Usherettes events is an event planning business that designs, plans and manages events. We plan weddings and other types of events. We train and provide ushers to host this events and ensure that the event is well coordinated and also guest are well catered to.
This business has unlimited income potential as the event market or industry is on an increasing growth, a great addition to the economy of any nation and relatively is/has minimal risk. Event management operation is a substantial asset that one can sell and pass on to family members and remain a family empire. Also through this business a lot of young girls can be empowered from being ushers to learning the line of the event business. Once funds or some sort of investment could be placed on the business, I would love to expand into the rentals of event materials and supplies which would help in the setting up of events, produce more income, creates more jobs and help in the expansion of the economy.

Sectors Events, Hospitality
Location Lagos, Nigeria
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