AQysta Empowering smallholder farmers with water-powered pumps & easi-pay

aQysta has developed patented hydro-powered irrigation pumps which are driven solely by the waterflow of streams, rivers or canals, thus operating without any fuel or electricity resulting in zero operating costs and GHG emissions. The technology is the most cost-efficient irrigation solution, easy to install and maintain, without any infrastructure requirement. To make the technology even more affordable and thereby reach more farmers, aQysta has developed the, innovative EASI-Pay model (Enhancing Access to Sustainable Irrigation with pay-per-harvest model), in which farmers can pay for the Barsha Pump in installments, through a proportion of harvest they reap from using the pumps. In addition, the model provides training, market access and support in a holistic approach to address all challenges that smallholders face. With access to irrigation, smallholder farmers can increase their income and become resilient to irregular rain patterns caused by climate change.

SectorsCommunity water systems, Crop farming, Hydropower
LocationDelft, Netherlands
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