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AQUAKWUL WATER TREATMENT SOLUTIONS,LDA water for long and healthy life

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instantaneous water purification using a single step/single tank. purify water at standards required by WHO. This purifcation is possible by means of Asingle product called Aquakwul. 100grams of AQUAKWUL can treat up to 1000liters of water for the community or rural areas to consume.

wastewater and sanitation- we holding a technology that can treat wastewater[sewage municipality, householding,shopmalls, farms etc]. Therefore, the treated water can be reused forirrigation, and the sludge can be used as fertilizer which is very rich in Phosporos,potassium and Nitrogen which are essential for the growth of the crops. This fertilizer is natural organic much better than synthetic fertilizers .

SectorsWater treatment
LocationMaputo, Mozambique
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