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AquaChen Enterprises Helping you prosper with God

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Several scientific studies have proven the successful utilization of fish wastewater for growing vegetables including tomatoes and pepper. I currently discharge 10,000 litres of wastewater daily on my farm with the possibility of this amount of discharge doubling in the nearest future. I have personally observed that the growth performance of water leaf, bitter leaf, maize and cassava plants irrigated with fish wastewater on open field is better than the ones rainfed being that the growth of the former is sporadic, the leaves are broader and look fresher in comparison to the rainfed. The only shortcoming I observed with the use of fish wastewater is increased prevalence of pest attack which can be avoided with a green house.
My innovation which has to do with integrating catfish farming with greenhouse production of tomato and pepper will improve food-systems by eliminating wastages and promoting resource use efficiency on the farm with the added benefit of reduced production costs.

Sectors Agribusiness, Fish farming, Food production
Location Alapako, Nigeria
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