Apples & Berries Fruits Paradise ...Refreshingly, The Finest..; Refreshingly, Satisfying!

Apples&Berries Fruits Paradise is a fresh juice&salad bar that prepares & sells healthy/hygienic fresh/natural smoothies; fruit/vegetable salads/juices daily as a drink-in/take-away outlet and order-and-deliver basis located in Barnawa, Kaduna. It is a unique business concept seeking to fill the market desire for foods that are both convenient & healthy. Fruits&veggies are bought in large quantities, washed, peeled, cut into bite-sizes; packaged in a branded transparent plastic-container to make a ready-to-eat fruit/vegetable salad. The juices are also extracted and bottled and also smoothies blended mostly on order basis. We distribute to our sales outlets; do home/office delivery and undertake party fruit cocktail services. Fruits sources are primarily local (90%) and 10% exotic.
Fresh juices are among the most high-sellable-consumer-demanding business. our survey shows that its customer are high; cutting across many demographics as people are becoming more health &fitness conscious

Stage Unknown EST April 2014
SectorsAgribusiness, Food and beverage, Retail
LocationKaduna, Nigeria
MarketsNigeria, South Africa
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