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Anzisha, Diary lever Incubation Fund: Makerere Uni Beauty for Health

Sparkle Agro skincare brands utilize food waste to manufacture fashionable anti-mosquito skincare products. This reduces the environmental burden such wastes contribute to our ecosystems. With over $150 million lost every year to spoilage-based milk losses (32% of marketed raw milk) along the dairy value chain in Uganda, Sparkle’s attempt to up-cycles inedible spoilt milk will recover the market value of close to $100 million to the economy. By attaching a price to spoilt milk obtained from farmers, our innovation is able to return profitability to smallholder farmers. Considerable value recouped from up-cycling spoilt milk is reinvested in building the capacity of small livestock holders to improve handling practices for their small fresh milk volumes. With higher returns, farmers reinvest in improved animal management, increase volumes of milk which makes our production scalable.

Sectors Agribusiness, Drugs and cosmetics, Fashion, Waste management and recycling
Location Kampala - Entebbe Road, Uganda
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