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Anteja Africa We bring farmers out of poverty by empowering African agribusinesses.

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For millions of smallholder farmers in East Africa, the income received for their produce isn’t enough to make a living. The size of their farms makes commercial farming uneconomic. Farmland is largely used to meet the family’s food security needs. There are two solutions: getting a better price for their produce or finding off-farm employment.

Our approach supports both.

Our goal is to increase smallholder farmers’ income by including them in short, sustainable and lucrative value chains through local agribusinesses.

Phy2app is a digital transparency tool that helps agribusinesses become trustworthy trade partners for global buyers, scale sales and establish strong trade relationships by creating digital product profiles. It guides them gather and organize information about the product’s origin as well as their social and environmental impacts.

Turning to short chain, farmers manage to regain the profit margins eroded in agri-food chains.

With phy2app, farmers earn

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