Annie’s Meat and Things Limited Fresh Meat Straight from the farm

Annie’s Meat and Things is a turnkey agricultural business that farms, process package and sell healthy and safe meat for Nigerian consumers. Our vision is to be the number one neighborhood butchery shop in Africa.

Currently, our piggery farm has facilities to accommodate over 1,200 pigs at a time. The fish farm produces about 10,000 cat fish every 6 months. The piggery produces about one hundred pigs for the market a month. Under the best condition our pigs weigh about 100kg per month.

Our meat shop has the facilities of a modern meat shop equipped with world class machines for processing meat and modern packaging equipment.

Our prime concern is for the health and safety of our consumers to this end the company considers it of paramount importance to ensure that our meats are reared and processed under thoroughly hygienic and safe conditions. Stringent controls are applied at every stage from selection and breeding of animals through hygienic processing to packaging.

Stage Unknown EST February 2017
Sectors Agribusiness, Food and beverage
Location Ikeja, Nigeria
Markets Nigeria
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