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ANML FARM Pty Ltd Livestock farming in your pocket, helping farmers make a profit

Cover image of ANML FARM Pty Ltd, Animal farming venture on VC4A



In the world of livestock data, any system developed after the 90’s is innovative. We are the only system that is cross-platform, that ties together breed organizations, individual farmers, auctioneers, GPS tracking, labour, AI assistance, and anything else that this under-served community needs. Most systems are ancient, working only on a desktop running Windows XP (not kidding!) and needs a masters degree to operate, while costing a fortune in annual licensing costs. This is not accessible. Additionally, other existing solutions are also highly fractured, which increases the cognitive and time cost to adopt. Peter Thiel highlights in Zero to One that it is better to dominate a small market than be inconsequential in serving everyone.

SectorsAnimal farming, Education, Legal services
LocationPretoria, South Africa
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