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Angtel Time that doesn't cost that much

Talktime and Data. These are two of the most used digital products in our consumerist world. In Africa we have on average two phones per person registered. But who is getting the benefit from this massive industry? Not the consumer. Network providers know they have us all, cause we all have to communicate. With Angtel, we will offer the consumer not only the cheapest talktime, and soon data, in the market, but we will also reward them for helping us grow. 50c (ZAR) per minute for the consumer is a no brainer. However add a % of each call, back to the consumers in the way of a cashback or airtime rewards, now the consumer has no choice but to make that change. Best part it costs them nothing, but downloading our true Unified communications application. Angtel will be launching in the next three weeks. We secured investment for the white labeling of our brand and basic setup of the business. We now need to create more cashflow to make this business fly fast.

LocationRandburg, South Africa
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