Andalan Genius technology commerial phone charging device

It has been said that the cell phone is the single most transformative technology for development. consequently,we should not allow the persistent problems of power supply impede this tool of development.This is what Andalan Genius Technology is set to do with the off-grid charging device .Andalan charging device is a technology that will enable multiplied number of users charge their phones and other mobile devices and thus provide solution to the perennial problem of power supply in the use of mobile phone and similar devices. what is required for the take-off phase of this project is N3.5 million. In the spirit of prudence and with risks and uncertainties in mind, though the Andalan charging device was technically built to charge up to 87600 phones a year in full charging capacity utilization, we limited our projection to merely 14600 phone a year. however, and even at that, the financial shows a very good level of returns, liquidity and stability and stability

Sectors Construction and manufacturing
Location Abuja, Nigeria
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