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Anastasia Marie Nigeria Limited We are Agro and Allied organization, we major in Organic farm inputs

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We are Agro and Allied organization. Our core specialization is Organic Farming and we focus on organic Farm inputs. HUMUSPLUS Organic Fertilizer is our lead Product. The best in Soil Conditioning and Plants Growth. We stand to address a real problem in Agriculture, food and Health sectors because there is high proliferation of Cancer and Cancer related ailments in our society today which is largely due to Food intake. Besides, our soil and Eco-system are grossly bombarded with Agro-chemicals which are not healthy and safe for us. We have a great potential because organic food is gradually being appreciated in the markets, departmental stores and CSO are advocating for organic farm produce to alleviate health challenges. With the awareness, we will expand, triple or at least double the profit because we are a leader in organic Agriculture.

Sectors Agribusiness, Animal farming, Crop farming
Location Lagos, Nigeria
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