Anasohealth Systems Ltd Streamlining and scaling efficient management of Lifestyle diseases.

Globally, 17.9 million productive adults die annually on account of Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs). 75% of these deaths occur in low and middle ease countries. It is estimated that up to 95% of these deaths are largely preventable.
Guidelines for preventing these deaths, requires a yearly, meticulous evaluation of each patient at risk. This includes patients living with hypertension, diabetes and other Chronic Diseases of Lifestyle. It is estimated that there are over 25 million people in Africa living with diabetes. Hypertension also has a 30% prevalence in most countries. According to the WHO, Africa has a deficit of about 1.8 million healthcare workers. These evaluations require about 60 -90 minutes per patient. Where do we get enough healthcare workers to handle and prevent unnecessary CVD deaths?
AnasoHealth Systems, has automated these evaluations so that one healthcare worker can efficiently care for more CVD patients. Scaling it to 1800% that without our intervention.

Stage Growth stage EST June 2019
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