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Amaranthine Media An indigenous storytelling machine creating media content for children

Cover image of Amaranthine Media, Créatif, médias et divertissement venture on VC4A

Amaranthine Media

Amaranthine Media

Amaranthine Media Production Studios is an indigenous storytelling machine and production company creating screenplays, film, and animated content with a particular focus on impactful, relatable, home-grown, accessible and educational content for African children and teens.

We are currently seeking funding for our premier animated series, Kiliwe the Timebender which is intended to be a global show for kids featuring stories of friendship and compassion, with a warm helping of family and school life. Its protagonist ‘Kiliwe’, beams a spotlight on children living on the autism the spectrum in a light-hearted, entertaining and fun manner while espousing values like candor, friendship, resourcefulness, adventure, and forgiveness.

Children’s media is an important tool that shapes a child’s image, moral and socio-cultural values and can be used to instill self-confidence and awareness, a love of learning, and an understanding of complex issues in a simple manner.

Secteurs Créatif, médias et divertissement
Emplacement Port Harcourt, Nigeria
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